Directions from My Office to Rowan Regional Medical Park

Please also see the map that follows. From my office, turn right onto Statesville Boulevard. Drive 0.2 miles. At the first stop light, turn right onto Brenner Avenue. The picture to the right shows this intersection. Drive 1.6 miles at which point Brenner Avenue will end This intersection is not pictured. Turn left onto Jake Alexander Boulevard.

The intersection of Statesville Boulevard and Brenner Avenue
Click on the picture for a larger version.

The intersection of Jake Alexander Boulevard and Julian Road
Click on the picture for a larger version.
Drive 1.5 miles to the intersection of Jake Alexander Boulevard, Martin Luther King, Jr, Ave (to the left) and Julian Road (to the right). Landmarks at this intersection include Team Chevrolet, Central Carolina Insurance and Tractor Supply Company. Turn right onto Julian Road.

Drive 0.2 miles. Look for the blue "Rowan Regional Medical Park" sign and Rowan Family Physicians. Turn left onto Corporate Circle. Since it is a circle, Corporate Circle actually intersects Julian Road in two places.

The (first) intersection of Julian Road and Corporate Circle

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Click on the picture for a larger version.

Rowan Regional Medical Park on Julian Road.
Click on the picture for a larger version.
Drive less than 0.1 miles. Rowan Regional Medical Park Imaging and Rehabilitation Center will be on your left.

Rowan Regional Medical Park
Imaging & Rehabilitation Center
514 Corporate Circle
Salisbury, N.C. 28147
(704) 210-6900